Pastor Von passed away on November 4, 2016, after a brief illness, surrounded by his family and friends.

Please pay visit to Pastor Von’s Facebook Page if you would like to share your memories and experiences with him.

There will be a memorial service held on January 28, 2017 at Horizon Christian Fellowship, promptly at 10:30 AM.

Horizon Christian Fellowship is located at 5331 Mt. Alifan Dr, San Diego, CA 92111. Please see the map below.

NOTE: The driveway that leads to the building is off of Mt. Acadia Blvd, where Mt. Blanca intersects Mt. Acadia.

Use the driveway off of Mt. Acadia Blvd which will lead into the parking lot.

The Memorial Service will take place in a large tan color square building with a water fountain in front.

A Reception, where light refreshments are to be served, will be held immediately following at Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church (CEBC). That will take place in Fellowship Hall.

CEBC is located at 2610 Galveston St, San Diego, CA 92117. Please see the map below as well.
Clairemont Emmanuel is a roughly a ten minute drive from Horizon.

You can learn more about this service by Clicking Here.

Horizon Christian Fellowship

Horizon Christian Fellowship
5331 Mt Alifan Dr.
San Diego, CA 92111

Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church

Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church
2610 Galveston St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Welcome to Pastor Von’s Official Homepage


There must be hundreds of “Von’s,” and perhaps hundreds of “Pastor Von’s” as well. Which ‘Pastor Von’ are we talking about on this site? This is the Pastor von that was in San Diego, California, a member of the staff at Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church where he has served for more than thirty years. The same Pastor von who founded SPECTRUM MINISTRIES, which serves the poor in Mexico. He is also the Pastor von who traveled overseas speaking to many missionary schools and mission bases throughout the world, particularly in South America.

I have been active in ministry to youth for more than half a century. There may be some of you who visited this site to find out a little more about me personally and my past youth ministry, or maybe about my work with MK’s and in the mission field.

What’s Here


This site is divided into four main sections, one personal that explores my thoughts and experiences during my ministry work, two sections offering essays and other material that may hopefully help others currently working in, or contemplating entering missionary work, and a multimedia gallery that compliments the other three sections.

If you are in youth work, let me congratulate you, it’s a great calling. If you would like to visit the ‘STUFF FOR TEACHERS AND YOUTH WORKERS’ section, you might find some areas of interest to you. Anything I have learned from these years of experience I would love to share with others, especially those who are teachers or workers with youth and of course missionaries too.


If you ever wanted to know anything or everything about this guy called Pastor Von, you’ll find it in this section.


The many years I’ve spent time with different missionaries and their kids (M.K.’s) has given me a respect for their unique ministry. Here are some photos and articles I would like to share with my fellow missionaries.


More than fifty years as a California Youth Worker, and teaching kids of all ages, plus creating and planning activities, leaves a lot to share.


Dedicated to my Amazon adventure, with stories, images, and videos, that help make this a unique section. A note to parents, this section might interest your kids as well.


A wide range of images, video, and audio clips associated with my 50 plus years of Missionary work.


Pastor Von long ago made arrangements for his ministry to carry on after he passed away.

Now that Von has gone to the Lord, Philip and Joyce Cunningham have taken over Von’s ministry work as planned, so, please be sure to visit the ‘VON AND ON’ site to learn more about them, and how you may be able to help.

Other Stuff


These sections were once separate sites, but have been merged into this one in the spirit of brevity.


Many don’t know anything about my father who was a well-loved and well known California entertainer, artist, newspaper columnist, and book writer. Several years ago, I wanted to dedicate a section to ‘Wolo’ and his many friends. Meet the man, take a look.